Kris Bosch

Kris Bosch || Professional Kendama Player || pnw damas american made kendamas & apparel
24 years old
Favorite Trick: Anything Fast Hand
Least Favorite: Under Stilt/Axe
First Kendama: Green Mama Kendama Rubberized
Favorite Edits:
“Where We Are” Kendama Movie - Wenatchee Kendama Team
Kendama Edit #5 - Zack Yourd
Other Hobbies include skateboarding, pokemon training, drawing,and freestyle rapping
I grew up in Washington and used to be sponsored by some local skate shops in Yakima, after i tore my Meniscus in my knee, Kendama sort of fell into my life, as I found a Kendama at my buddies house on cinco de mayo. After playing with it for a few hours, I saw the creativity and freestyle possibilities, and wanted to indulge in the Kendama lifestyle. The rest is history since edit 2!