Javin Knisely

javin knisely || pnw professional player || usa made kendamas & apparel || ohio
22 years old
First Kendama: Green Ozora
Favorite trick: Triple lunar flips
Least Favorite: Lighthouse after Border balance
Favorite Edits:
 Colin Sander’s Edit Nine - Mugens in the house
Bonz Atron’s Weekly dose of crint #8
Kendama USA Japan 2013 - The Gloken Musou Tour
… What other Hobbies?

I was playing Call of Duty MW3, crushing 3v3s with my boys, when my little brother, Cain, walks into my room with a strange ball and cup toy. I told him to leave me alone for I was in the headshot hone zone. Later that day, I found his fresh marine blue Ozora sitting on the counter. After hours of trying the cups I finally felt like I got it down, later that week after trying time and time again, I finally hit my first trick... Around the world. As soon as I heard that spike of fresh beech connecting with the cherry wood I knew it was something I wanted to hear for the rest of my life, so the next day I purchased my first kendama from Brandon Yoder, one of the greatest friends I have even to this day. Big Ups to Gage Cox, you're the real MVP.