Cazz Lorde

Cazz Lorde || pnw professional kendama player || california || usa made kendamas & apparel
23 years old
Favorite Trick: Airplane 1.5 swap Spike
Least Favorite: Triple inward stilt
First Kendama: A Black Sakura Ozora
Favorite Edit: Sharks In Las Vegas?? [PSA#1] Shark Repellant #1
I went to this party with a bunch of the homies, it was an early Halloween party, and I saw this group in the back doing something ive never seen before. I remember watching them for a while before one of them told me to try the kendama, due to partying there was no hope for me to lace, and I ending up giving up after trying big cup for 30 minutes or so, and then gave up. The next morning after I woke up, I felt so defeated I hopped onto the internet and order one for myself...I've been playing every day since!