About us

As everything does, kendama has changed along with the passing of years. Starting with classic shapes and traditional tricks, the kendama community has continued for decades to raise the bar with refined models and complex techniques. This innovative spirit has allowed kendama to flourish as a freestyle sport as well as an artform.

This is our contribution to the craft which we love so much. With pride in both our local communities and the global kendama community, PNW Kendamas is here to bring you products of the utmost quality sourced and manufactured in the US.

Our mission is to facilitate growth for kendama as a sport and form of expression while standing by our values. We do this by carefully selecting not only the materials and crafters for our kendamas and apparel but the packaging too, ensuring your money goes to the right places. We believe you should have access to the finest quality skill toys for an affordable price and still have pride in where you spent your money, leaving you with a deep sense of satisfaction and a product you’ll be proud to slay.